Instagram F0llower Campaigns

We showcase your music to new potential fans, drive them to your profile, and turn them into followers.

How It Works

By harnessing the power of AI, we set your account up so it begins watching the stories of the followers of the accounts you want your audience to be related to.

In other words, your profile views other users’ stories, and those users are looking for music like yours!

Practices like buying followers are against Meta’s terms of service, which can have you banned from Instagram. However, this method puts you on other users’ radars in a way that draws qualified followers to your artist page.

Why It Works

I get messages about buying mass followers all the time. How is this any different?

When someone tells you that a dollar amount will get you an exact number of followers, their only goal is to hit that number, no matter the cost. That cost is usually the health of your Instagram account. These fixed goal numbers are reached by using spam and bot accounts, which lower your standing on Instagram and can even result in the suspension of your account.

That’s why our goal is converting people into fans, and we achieve this by driving qualified followers. More qualified followers lead to more clicks on your links, more listens, more interactions, and more sales. All of this results in Instagram placing you in front of even more like-minded people through their algorithm. This creates a snowball effect where growth happens organically, even beyond the life of the campaign.