Radio Promotion

We get your music into the hands of influential music directors across the country, ranging from colleges and universities to commercial stations with specialty programming.

How It Works

We listen to your music and put together a game plan for approaching stations that are most likely to be supportive.

Because radio stations are notoriously particular about how they process incoming new music, we work with our experienced radio partners to address the task of soliticing stations with your material. 

These campaigns run anywhere between 4 and 8 weeks, and weekly reports are provided to you with feedback and notes from the stations.


Non-Commercial Radio

College radio is a tried and true platform for breaking up-and-coming artists. Our radio partners are a reliable source of new music for many college stations, whose music and program directors report directly to major nationwide charts like Spinitron, JBE AAA, and NACC.


Every commercial radio station has one mission: sell airtime. The more listeners they have, the more they can justify charging advertisers. This is why most stations tend to play the same few songs ad nauseam: commercial stations are highly motivated to appeal to the masses, and they rely on record labels and venues to inform them about new music they play. This works out well for established artists, but leaves emerging talent in the shadows.


This is where non-commercial radio truly shines. The term “non-commerical radio” encompasses NPR affiliates, colleges, and other community-based stations. In the U.S., these outlets commonly broadcast in the 87 to 92 MHz range (frequencies generally reserved for educational, community, and other non-commercial purposes) and typically secure funding through government programs, arts foundations, and direct listener support.


Free from the need to achieve mass appeal, non-commercial stations have carte blanche to diversify their music catalog, and are therefore more likely to feature emerging artists. Based on the sheer number of these stations across the country and the wide variety of programming they each feature, it’s highly likely that there are plenty of programs eager to put music like yours on the air.

Specialty Radio

The term “specialty radio” refers to a small but important class of indie, new music, and local music showcase shows on commercial stations across the US. Like college radio, specialty radio is very open and receptive to new and upcoming releases when approached through the correct channels.


Unlike the majority of commercial radio programming, specialty programs are normally hyperfocused. Shows like this are commonly dedicated to a specific genre, niche, or purpose. Consequently, they tend to passionate cult followings.


While your sound, philosophy, and objectives are unique to you, there’s a very high probability that you have overlap with any number of specialty programs and their respective audiences.


Looking to break into the mainstream? There are programs devoted to unearthing the next big thing, and an audience eager to say they heard it first. Do you reject the status quo? A show exists with an audience hungry for something special. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, there are like-minded people there with you, ready to hear what you have to offer.