YouTube Optimization

Through highly targeted ad campaigns, we drive engagement on your videos and cultivate subscribers to your artist channel.

How It Works

The only thing that we need from you is a YouTube link to your music video.

From there, we start our screening process with you, which includes a “pre-flight checklist.”

This covers all of the pertinents about your campaign targets, like genre information and ideal audience demographics.

When the campaign goes live, users see your video, pure and simple.

Videos are placed as both in-stream ads and display ads.

Why ads on YouTube?

YouTube is considered to be the world’s 2nd largest search engine by Forbes magazine, only 2nd to Google, which now owns YouTube. Why is that important? In addition to the volume of listeners on the platform, Google also keeps audience profiles of all YouTube users. This information makes serving your video to potential fans that much more effective.

Measuring Success

Our metric for success is

user engagement.

An engagement is defined as a view, like, comment, or subscription to your channel. Our campaigns run until our predetermined target for engagement is hit.

Our knowledge of analyzing and managing Google ad campaigns enabled us to build this strategy into a finely tuned system. This specialized form of cost per click marketing helps you get the most awareness of — and engagement on — for your video.