Spotify Optimization

We build social media marketing campaigns to drive Spotify followers, positively impacting monthly listeners, streams, and saves, and unlocking Spotify’s internal algorithm.

How It Works

All you have to do is grant us temporary advertiser access to your Facebook artist page and viewer access on Spotify for Artists, and we handle the rest!

We produce a video advertisement showcasing your song and run it on social media platforms.

Using their audience data, we put your song in front of real people with the highest probability of becoming fans.

When a viewer clicks on the video, it brings them to a custom landing page that links out to your music on Spotify with a “follow” call to action.

This landing page features a Facebook pixel, which enables us to track clickthroughs to Spotify and report back to you each week.

Why It Works

Can’t I just pay to get my song on Spotify playlists?

Well, you could do that, but we strongly advise against playlisting campaigns. For starters, exchanging money for playlist placement is against Spotify’s terms of use. Additionally, the increase in numbers you see is short-term, and doesn’t really do much but temporarily boost your ego. Streaming manipulation severely skews Spotify’s data, which puts your music in front of the wrong people, harming your standing within Spotify’s algorithm.

On the other hand, our method to drive Spotify followers is 100% organic, and positively impacts Spotify’s “metric weighting system,” or the data used to fuel the algorithm.

The more checks, the better!