We find the right media partners to help tell your story and showcase your talent as an artist.

It’s more than just getting a write-up on some blog, it’s a full scale effort.

We consider your timeline, review your existing assets, and evaluate your current standing in the press. If you have no coverage, we start the relationship by introducing your music to journalists and editors. If you’ve had press before, we focus on what hasn’t been accomplished yet, and set out to advance your footprint. We simultaneously pitch influential publications and work on expanding your online visibility.

What should you expect when working with a publicist?


It’s our responsibility to communicate with you regularly about how your campaign is performing in regard to feedback, projected coverage, and confirmed press. In addition to regular updates, we also provide an end-of-campaign report detailing all the press that ran and all targets reached.


When we pitch to press, know that doing so is also a reflection of our credibility in the industry, so it behooves us to present quality artists and performers. If we’re representing you at press, not only are we fans of what you do, but we’re confident that the music press universe will respond.


In addition to our internal team, we also work in concert with other publicity agencies for even broader influence. Our combined experience in the industry grants us further access to press outlets across the country.

Work Ethic

We fight for you. Our artists are our priority, and we are passionate about advancing your career in every way we can. It’s genuinely exciting for us to take your vision and see it reflected in the press. It’s exactly why we do this.