YouTube Subscriber Campaigns

Through highly targeted ad campaigns, we drive subscribers directly to your artist channel.

How It Works

All you have to do is grant us temporary advertiser access to your Facebook artist page, and we handle the rest!

We produce a video advertisement showcasing your song and run it on social media platforms.

Using their audience data, we put your song in front of real people with the highest probability of becoming fans.

When a viewer clicks on the video, it brings them to a custom landing page that links out to your YouTube channel with a “subscribe” call to action.

This landing page features a Facebook pixel, which enables us to track clickthroughs to YouTube and report back to you each week.

Why focus on YouTube?

Forbes magazine recognizes YouTube as the second-largest search engine globally, with Google being the only platform ahead of it. This fact holds significant importance due to the massive user base on YouTube. What adds to its significance is that Google, the owner of YouTube, maintains detailed user profiles for everyone on the platform. This valuable data enhances the efficiency of promoting your videos to potential fans.